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Building HRMS SaaS applications for NEOGOV!


NGV Software India

Years of Experience

NGV Software India Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of NEOGOV

We've created our HRMS systems by working with public sector organizations for over 20 years. We provide solutions to state, local, and specialty organizations ranging in size from 100 to 60,000 employees.









NGV Software India Benefits

Workspace for Talent Development

We are a SaaS product development company specializing in developing modern HRMS applications for our parent company NEOGOV, which solves the real-life problem of the Human Resource team in all the public sectors across the globe.

With our growth mindset and our culture of constant learning, we provide the best working environment for our global and multi-cultural agile team.

NGV Software India - NEOGOV Recruit Module
Recruit Module


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NEOGOV Product
NGV Software India - NEOGOV Develop Module
NEOGOV Product
NGV Software India - NEOGOV Manage Module
Manage Module


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NEOGOV Product
NGV Software India - NEOGOV Comply Module
Comply Module

Policy and procedure management.

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NEOGOV Product
NGV Software India - NEOGOV Mobile App
Mobile App

NEOGOV HR, wherever you are.

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NGV Software Team

We Serve, To Serve.

Our goal is to provide HRMS systems that helps government agencies recruit, hire, and nurture a workforce that is inclusive and representative of the population.

Our rapid growth is a direct result of our commitment to public sector customer success.


Our environment is fast-paced with smart, energetic, and passionate people.

Limitless opportunities for growth

NGV Software India - NEOGOV Retirement Plans
Competitive Environment

We aim to develop & expand relationships with a diverse workforce and embrace the diversity of thoughts in our workspace.

NGV Software India - NEOGOV Remote Work Options
Remote Work Options

Work from home or anywhere you like and enjoy more creative control over your workspace.

NGV Software India - NEOGOV Corporate Events
Flexible Working Hours

We offer significant flexibility with our office timings so you get to tailor your working hours on your terms.

NGV Software India - NEOGOV Flexible Paid Time Off
Flexible Paid Time Off

We exhort you enjoy your paid time off without the pressure of “use it or lose it” mandates.

NGV Software India - NEOGOV Comprehensive Health Care
Health Care

We provide comprehensive health care and insurance plans to keep you healthy and happy.

NGV Software India - NEOGOV Reimbursement Programs
Reimbursement Programs

We support you with an annual stipend for internet and wellness to maintain a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

NeoGov India

What do our team say?

NGV Software Team

Technology Stack

We take writing code that is easy to test and maintain very seriously - our products have a long lifespan, so compromises regarding architecture and code review are out of the question.

We build our SaaS products with C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, JavaScript / TypeScript, Angular, and Flutter. We are looking for candidates who always strive for the best solutions and are not afraid to try new challenges.


NGV Software India - C Sharp

.NET Developer

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NGV Software India - Java

Java Developer

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NGV Software India - QA

QA Engineer

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NGV Software India - ETL Developer

ETL/DB Developer

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NGV Software India - DevOps


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